Powder Coating


 Powder coating a popular option for refinishing a wide variety of metal products.  This method begins with preping the part, applying powder and melting it under high temperatures.  The result is a highly durable finish that stands up to heavy wear and tear and environmental elements.  Powder coating is environmentally friendly without harsh chemicals.

Ceramic Coating


 Ceramic based coatings provide a protective coating that is highly durable.  These finishes can be applied in thin layers that help preserve the integrity of delicate machining like that of a firearm.  While the most resilient finishes are found with oven cured options, we also air cured finishes that can be used when high heat ovens may damage some products such as plastics. 



   Sandblasting is often thought of a way to remove rust or paint.  Sandblasting can also create three dimensional signs or artwork in materials such as limestone. 

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